Dual Head to Head Arcade Racing Cabinets Now Available

Dual Head to Head Arcade Racing Cabinets Now Available

Remember those good old days of playing Daytona against your buddies in the arcades?  Well those good old days are back because Retro Play have linked two of their arcade racing machines together for head to head awesomeness.

Retro Plays arcade racing machine, called the Speed Racer, can now be networked with up to 4 different machines.  In a video posted on the 6th July Retro Play showcased two of the Speed Racers connected together with a demo of Daytona 2 running on the Sega Model 3 emulator along with Scud Race and Le Mans.

"Many of the emulators we use can be networked together" says CEO David Gilmore.  "We have been working on racing games available through the Tekno Parrot emulator, the Dolphin emulator and some others"

The nineties was dominated by classic driving games like Daytona, Sega Rally and many others and now players who loved those games can play them again on newly built arcade machines like Retro Plays Speed Racer.

Watch the demo video here:


And you can order 1 or 2 Speed Racers here: 



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