The Virtual Pin App Store is LIVE !

The Virtual Pin App Store is LIVE !

After months and months of work we are delighted to announce that the worlds first virtual pinball app store is now ready to use for all Retro Play pinball customers. 

The Vpinball App Store allows Retro Play customers to easily download and install new virtual pinball tables from the internet.  Long gone are the days of spending hours trying to find back glass files that match tables and then having to get the tables working with your setup to locating all the right media files so it looks nice in the front end.  With the Vpinball app store anyone can easily install new tables with just a few clicks on the mouse.  The clever installer gathers all the correct files, all named correctly and pre configured and installs EVERYTHING in to the right folders, even pup packs ! 

Anyone buying a Retro Play pinball SSD or pinball machine will be entitled to use the store.



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