4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)
4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)
4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)
4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)
4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)
4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)
4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)

4 Player Arcade Machine (Essential Model)

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If you are outside of Australia and are interested in buying a full size machine, please send us an email or chat message for a shipping quote. Send your email along with you address to david@retro-play.com.au or send us a message in the chat window.


Ryzen 3 / Intel i3 CPU

16GB DDR 4 Ram

120GB SSD with Windows 10 Ghost Spectre

4TB USB drive for all the games

Logitech 2.1 stereo speakers

LED lit buttons

4 x Sanwa joysticks

43" LCD screen

Launchbox arcade front end software with BigBox license


You can enhance this machine with the following upgrades:


Karaoke Setup

Add two wireless mics and a karaoke amp to your machine for hours of fun

Karaoke mic upgrade



Add two wired Guitar Pro guitars and all the games and tracks (over 6000!) to your machine. The guitars plug in at the front of the arcade machine.

Guitar upgrade




MAME (all retro arcade games)

Amiga CD32

Amstrad CPC

Amstrad GX4000

Apple II

Atari 2600

Atari 5700

Atari 7800

Atari Lynx

Atari Jaguar


Commodore 64

Commodore Amiga


Mattel Intellivision

Microsoft MSX

Microsoft MSX2

Microsoft MSX2+


NEW PC Engine

NEC PC Engine CD


NEC Turbo Grafx 16 and CD

Nintendo 64

Nintnedo 64 DD

Nintnedo DS


Nintendo Famicom

Nintnedo Famicom Disc

Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo Gameboy Colour

Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Open BOR

Phillips CD-i

Run N Gun

Sammy Atomiswave

Sccumm VM

Sega 32x

Sega CD

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Gamegear

Sega Mark III

Sega Master System

Sega Megadrive

Sega Model 2 and 3

Sega Naomi

Segas Pico

Sega Sarturn

Sega S-TV

Sega Triforce

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Nintendo Gamecube

Sony PSP

Sony PSP Minis

Sharp x68000

SNK Neo Geo CD

SNK Neo Geo Pocket

SNK Neo Geo Pocket Colour




Sony Playstation 1

Sega Genesis





Retro Play Arcade Machines Up Close

4 Player Essential Arcade Machine

+ Full size 4 player arcade machine

+ 43" 4K LCD screen

+ Metal powder coated screen bezel

+ High resolution decals

+ LED lit buttons

+ Bat or ball shaped Sanwa joysticks

+ 2.1 Sound system

+ Approx 15,000 games built-in

+ Choice of extrnal decals

+ Two year warranty

+ Launchbox arcade front end